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About Us

Ron Proffit has been involved in electrical work since leaving school at age 15, originally as a lineman with the NZ Post Office. He then moved on to complete a 10,000 hour apprenticeship with Wilkins & Davies Electrical Division in Auckland. Most of his experience is on heavy construction and industrial maintenance. In 1991 a fall from a ladder left him with a serious spinal injury that resulted in 5 years of re-habilitation. As he prepared to re-enter the workforce large changes made to the legislation had come into effect, removing the old supply authorities and with them the structure with inspectors paid to give free advice to electricians who worked in their area.

He was granted Inspectors registration at this time.

By 1995 the EWRB required all applicants for a practicing licence to attend a safety refresher course on a 24 month rotation and Ron began running courses.

By 2002/2003 their data-base was approximately 5% of all the practicing licences issued.

With the almost constant changes to the rules since then, and the frequent calls for advice he has received Ron has decided to set up this site to assist electrical trade people. As we cannot be certain of the full details of your problems we will direct you to where we believe you will find your answers. It is, after all, the worker who is responsible to ensure their work is competently and safely carried out.

This is a free service but we do ask that you log on and leave your Email address so we can notify you of improvements to this site. Your comments and suggestions to questions is also invited.