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kumar avinab
May 17 2012 20:49

in my project 1 power supply is there which is taking 115V single phase AC with 5 PIN I/P Connector and giving DC power with 50 PIN O/P connector which is havg multple Voltage paths of DC supply...I need to design a circuit for multile test of these DC supply.Example-1.LOAD TEST 2.LINE REGULATION TEST.3.12.5V ON/OFF control test....WAT S IT....
I am not getting the 3rd test.....anyone explain it........


May 17 2012 20:53

Sujest you go back to camacarzi land.

kumar avinab
May 17 2012 20:57

i didnt get camacarzi land.

me again
May 17 2012 21:00

easy, the 3rd test is to put the 50pin connector into a cup of java, insert the 115volt primary connector into the nearest 230volt supply outlet, and time how long it takes for the water to boil, bonus points are allocated for calculating the volume of smoke and steam in cubic inch\'s. Let us know the outcome?

kumar avinab
May 17 2012 21:03

go to hell bastard

May 17 2012 21:11

nice to see your engrish has improved kumo

kumar avinab
May 17 2012 21:13


May 17 2012 23:54


Learn to speak english BEFORE arriving to steal our work.


BTW.....Bridgstones are the shit!

May 18 2012 12:18

Good to see that racism and bigotry are still alive and well here in little old NZ. For a while there I had thought we had grown up as a people!

Brian H
May 18 2012 12:22

Gee,cheers,now I feel Vindicated. But I do have one of Those meters,found it next to my Wire Strippers.Used it for old time sake,Water took longer to Boil than Normal.Possibly being from the Waikato,worked perfectly last time in Wellington.Cant remember where to send it for co-efficient calibration.Kumars post \"go To Hell\" thats where I will send it.

me again
May 18 2012 18:19

i wonder wot nz posts delivery time frame would be for that!, might pay to use an overnight courier with track and trace :)


no different
May 18 2012 19:28

to mailing santa!

(he always gets me socks and insulated drivers)

May 19 2012 22:03

I see this is already being discussed. As you were...

me again
May 19 2012 22:52

so spannerz, which test method do you conker with ? I thought the java test was relevant due to it being used on the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy, but apparently it did go down too well - as per the feedback above.


kumar avinab
May 20 2012 02:24

I am asking what is ON/OFF control test and how to do this test

May 20 2012 09:46

Craig, that comment wasn\'t called for.