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Posted By Topic: power outlets situated under deck

May 19 2012 21:05

Hey guyz

I have been asked by an architect to install one 32amp single phase socket and a 20amp single phase socket under a deck which is outside and finished level is ground level so under the deck has been dug out, what are your thoughts is this legal??

I would install 56series which is IP 66 and i would install each cicuit on an RCBO.These outlets would be accessable by a hinged hatch and would have a cover over the hatch to keep these outlets weather proof...

May 20 2012 08:17

I personally see no difference to other similar situations, like plugs for sump pumps actually in the sump. Go for it.

Brian H
May 21 2012 10:24

Ask the Architect to get Plumber to install drainage,if not 300mm above Floor if possibility of wetness..

Brian H
May 21 2012 13:53 Page 246, page 262 as I read it. Only mentioned it as Last Sewer Sump I worked on,failed to pump $$ht,no alarms and by the time we got there,plug and socket in horrible mess..2m covered. Float got stuck.Try changing that without a gas mask.Proves even the Richest Asses Stink.

May 22 2012 19:05

In these parts the Council require a separate alarm circuit for sewage sumps. And if not in reradily visible location has to have audible alarm. Damned fine idea. Means users know there\'s a problem with the float / pump before it gets to overflowing

Brian W
May 22 2012 19:14

Hey Rolly, as long as your cable and fittings are suitably rated and protected, i.e IP, conduit, rcd, etc, then I dont see a problem with your setup.