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Posted By Topic: Towel Rail Run On Timer

May 22 2012 20:17


I am trying to find an in-wall run on timer that is adjustable. I would like to use a pressmec switch (PDL 800 series) to pole a timer for 4 hours.

I know there are in wall towel rail timers out there, but they all appear to be 4 hours on, 8 hours etc.

I just want to have a run on timer only.



Brian W
May 22 2012 20:33

Have done a lot of AirCon and Fan work over the years and the longest run on timers I\'ve encountered have been 20 minute adjustable units from PDL, Expelair and Securimax. If i\'ve needed longer, and havent spec\'d a small PLC, then I usually wire back to the board, or remote mount an Omrom or a Crouzet timer in a box beside the fan. An HC3R from Omron will give you all the hours you need.

May 22 2012 21:04

There is a multi function timer (MULTIFUNCTION TIMER 4 FUNCTION 24-240VAC/DC E1ZMQ10 ) you can set this up as a run on timer or delay start etc. Can be purchased through electrical wholesalers but here is a link to the instructions from another web site.

Matt L
May 22 2012 21:28

have a look at these intelliswitches. bit more expensive but I have had one for 6 months now and find it very good. There is a greater range of timer options - A one shot 3 hour timer every time the button is pressed. 5 hours once a day cycle. 4 hours twice a day cycle. 6 hours twice a day cycle. Stay on mode.

One of the good things is if the button is pressed on any cycle the towel rail runs for an extra 4 hours and then returns to the normal cycle.

Have to get timing right on initial switch on or towels are Cold at the wrong time and if power cut then you have to reset each time - still good and reduces the overall usage

May 23 2012 16:57

PDL 648TM; 15 sec to 120 min... OK it\'s not 4 h, but it\'s a nice simple solution for small loads (up to 3 A)

Brian H
May 23 2012 17:02

Being a cryptic type of person,I sometimes dont even understand myself.I had another look at your question.First glance thought you wanted a timer on your towel rail.Given an opportunity to help more.More detail in respect to what you attempting to Switch.Voltage/load etc.forget Budget and Copyright.Last guy I helped out( lost key for RD350,told him how to Hot wire it)never asked if he could Ride it. Next day at Smoko,1 missing.150kmHr up the rear end of ARC Bus.So before I jump in,like to ask questions before I tell jokes.(all in the know..Hit power band)

Brian H
May 23 2012 17:23

Last thing that went through his mind,was his Ass. (hear him laughing..)

May 28 2012 07:25

The timer is for a heated towel rail, I think its 50W.

I just want an in wall (concealed option) that can be poled with a PDL 800 spring mech.

I guess that E1ZMQ10 listed above is ok to have mounted in the flush box?