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Posted By Topic: Unlicenced & selling for reward

May 25 2012 14:09

Where do you complain b4 somebody dies.

Ewr Complaint forms are bloody useless for this. The man has no number ! And I dont have sufficient personal info on him, and I definitley dont want to be noticed digging

Story goes like this

Unlicensed guy works at recycle depot for no pay, repairs appliances of all kinds for sale in said recycle center. They are sold there, with no safety cert on, also he takes home appliances to resell on trademe or wherever, this is his pay apparently. According to the man in charge

Their are no qualified persons at the the depot

Had a few of these botched up dangerous things come my way.

I Prefer to remain anonymous as well

Sent email to r profitt about what to do, got no reply for over a month now

Only solution I can see is a visit by a inspector of some kind to the workplace

May 25 2012 14:26

Any good Stereos BH

May 25 2012 14:42

Hope its not one of your mates that he kills.

this a serious question

Eddy C
May 25 2012 15:01

Hi Josh,
I can understand your concerns and as long as you have all the correct facts with the way they are operating their business I would give a quick call to your local OSH or similar official outfit and this should get things moving... hopefully. Any faulty appliance can be lethal and your actions should be commended. Contacting the EWRB will blow your cover for sure with their investigating procedures. Had a mates name exposed to all in the deep south and that isn\'t pleasant even when he was 100% justified for reporting the useless pratt!

May 25 2012 15:38

Thanks never occurred to me to go to Osh.

Looks like it can be at a distance as well. as to if they will act on an anonymous complaint of serious harm, it is another matter.

been there
May 25 2012 16:06

EWRB have no authority in this matter and would need alot if convincing to proceed, however the police and OSH will take a very dimm view of this and are your best bet.

Brian H
May 25 2012 17:30

Was IRD not enough message. Inland Revenue Department. They take their Role very seriously.I could have mentioned that even an Technician can work for no reward.Sold as is where is debatable,Selling via Legite Company maybe an out somewhere.But hey,you the one asking..

Brian W
May 25 2012 17:56

Check the link below to a thread on a similair problem. Can give you the email addy of a very good guy at ESS if you want.

May 25 2012 19:57

FAntastic link

Sounds like this is a widespread problem around nz. Trademe needs to be a lot more proactive as well, there are dozens of MR B Acyards trading in recon appliances, and hiding behind an alias. I Would bet with neither s/h dealers licence or Est or Ird taxes

Needs fixing, only too happy to tell your man about it,

Is it ok to leave his email adddy on here ?
might get more info than he can handle

Brian H
May 25 2012 20:01

And you can remain Annon. My E is 14 something.Maybe we all should divulge ourselfs if we got nothing to hide...

May 25 2012 22:16

14? you got me stuffed on that riddle, sure not going to try every isp in the world with # 14

May 25 2012 22:20

Ron Proffit has my name & details tho he never answered my question

Brian H
May 25 2012 22:22

..Rons a Busy Man...

May 26 2012 15:57

Anyone who sees an unsafe situation / act and does not take ALL PRACTIBLE STEPS to correct the sutuation is also liable if an accident occurs.

My adivice would be to ring Energy safety and ask their advice - very soon!

Free-phone (NZ only): 0508 377 463


May 26 2012 16:12

Why are you not using the provisions of regulation 19 of the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010 + amendment No. 1.

A copy of a suitable form is on the Energy safety Web site and I think there is an on-line method of lodging the form directly within the ES website.

Ron Proffit
May 27 2012 11:29

Hi Josh,
I must have missed your email somehow.
I DO NOT have any more authority than any other registered inspector, or for that matter electrician, and that is the requirement to report if I believe that something is dangerous.
If I was to start investigating such a complaint who is going to cmy costs and wages?
The rules are quite clear::: report on the form available on the ESS website.
Ron P

Brian W
May 27 2012 12:52

Hi Josh. Email this guy direct with your concerns. He\'s a tech support officer at ESS and i found him very helpful.