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Posted By Topic: smart phone app

May 27 2012 19:22

Anyone got or recommend an andriod app similar to GenCalc suitable for smart phones? Have had a quick search, seems theres plenty but would be good to get advice from those who have used one.

May 27 2012 22:11

get a windows based phone i.e. a nokia, then you can run gencalc


May 28 2012 22:27

I find \'Electrodroid\' is good. Mainly aimed toward electronics, but has a useful and very easy to used volt drop calculator.
And I would add, stay far far away from anything window based unless you want to go down with the ship like an honorable captain. Times are a changing. I am originally a windows man but the new android I believe will easily move in. Don\'t isolate yourself fellow sparks.

May 29 2012 07:59

Use electrodroid \"in the field to get an idea\" but check back at the office every time on Gencalc. Tried to get The General to produce a version for a PDA a few years ago and the response was \" we are not intending to do a PDA version at this time\" If enough people made noise maybe they would reconsider?

May 29 2012 19:30

Reckon emailing General Cables might be worth a go, GenCalc is great

Brian H
May 29 2012 19:39

And please Santa,can I have a really cool Lap Top..Or talk to the Experts at Rons Site...Only costs...For real time response.