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Posted By Topic: adjustable speed switch

Steve McDowell
May 28 2012 06:08

need to replace switch to my golf trundler I have 10k PCB single gang potentiometer but can\'t get enough speed i may have the wrong switch they come in LOG or LINEAR gang I don\'t know which one I have.I have connected the power to center terminal the other two wires either side motor goes ok but as I turn the nob wheels speed up alittle then starts to slow down,can you help.Steve

May 28 2012 17:40

I would have thought you would be after a linear type pot. The power or live should probably have gone to one of the outside terminals. The other outside terminal would then be a zero or ground terminal, with the centre being the variable voltage to control speed.
This would be a reasonably standard way to provide a variable speed control signal, however with a golf cart the maker may have got the required result in another manner. Are you certain you connected the wires to the new pot the same as they were connected to the original pot?

Brian H
May 28 2012 19:18

And if you did...does the same fault exsist as original?Linear vs Logrithmic not the end of the world,just makes the trundler a little hard to control.If you 100% certain and you managed to breath some life into it,have the Motors checked.If they pass a clean bill of health,suspect the Main speed Controller.( could just be Brushes) also have the Battery tested. Many an ASS has been made by forgeting UMPTION.

Brian H
May 30 2012 17:21

Gee,I hope our information hasnt got steve into trouble.some of those Trundlers take a lot of stopping..