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Posted By Topic: electric oven gas hobb

May 29 2012 12:28

replacing oven with electric oven and gas hobb it has prewired lead can it be connected to existing cable by junctionbox behind oven

May 29 2012 13:21

to allow for easy disconnection by gas fitters and electrical workers for servicing reasons why not use a socket outlet. If the socket outlet would be not be accessible in normal operation, use a remote control switch for the socket outlet in a normally accessible position within 2 metres of the hob.

The upcoming amendment 2 to AS/NZS 3000 is proposing this method of connection and control for gas/electrical stoves or sections of stoves when if 2 sections (hob and Oven)

Brian H
May 29 2012 20:06

Hello again Mr Pluto,This Post was left wide open to attack...Lots of assumption going on(But I wont question)I Know Remote Switches that operate quite happily at 35metres,Receiver can be mounted anywhere in the 2metre range... Future Proof,or one 2many Bourbons?