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Posted By Topic: Site Safe

Jul 18 2012 22:57

Is the little site safe electrical passport logo on the bottom right of my PL an endorsement for site safe or just something the EWRB prints on the cards to show their affiliation.

If it is an endorsement it\'s a bit small.

Cheers, Aaron


Inspector (Not Domestic)
Jul 19 2012 00:00

It is in fact the endorsment and \"technically\" holds as much weight as the full photo version of the site safe card.

I believe they are now issueing the cards as well as some sites are refusing the endorsment as evidance which to me defeats the point of having it on the PL in the first place. I have had one HSE man say that wasn\'t the site safe they were looking for but after sending him away to check he returned (more wiser for the experience) and allowed our work to commence.

Jul 19 2012 10:07

I\'m feeling left out, my practising Licence hasnt got a site safe label of any size.
Did you pay more or should I get a rebate?

Jul 19 2012 10:46

you should only receive that endorsement if you have completed a combined site safe / ewrb refreasher, if you havn\'t done that perticular course then the endorsement has been printed on your card by mistake, and if checked upon there will be no record of your attendance and you\'ll probably get removed from site.

Jul 19 2012 19:13

Cheers for the replies,

I will have to look further into this.

And no I didn\'t pay any more.


Jul 19 2012 19:56

\" and you\'ll probably get removed from site.\"
seriously!! your kidding.

Jul 19 2012 20:33

@CW, well thats the theory, after all you would be there under false pretenses. seen it happen!
you would be better off admitting to not having a site safe passport when entering the site, and then letting the site controller make the decision to let you on or not.


Jul 20 2012 17:12

\" and you\'ll probably get removed from site.\"
seriously!! your kidding.

Have to produce them on most major construction sites in ChCh- if you do a Site Safe Electrical Refresher, you get their Electrical Passport card which should shut up most H&S Mgrs- the Site Safe emblem used to be a lot bigger on your PL- WRB must be saving ink these days.

Gonna need either a bigger chest, or a ruck sack soon, my wallet is bulging with PL card, Fletchers EQR Contractors card, SiteSafe Electrical Passport card, CERA Red Zone Contractors card, Franchise ID card plus all the plastic from my bank, DL etc etc- pity there isn\'t some dosh in there :(

Jul 20 2012 18:15

Having to do a SS course as well as a safety refresher every 2 years is a bit OTT.

Can\'t help but be a bit pissed off when i sit there listening to the same old dribble over and over.

Jul 21 2012 11:59

I have somewhere a Site Safe card,no expiry date,trouble is my hair is grey now.I always believed any Real Sparkys Card would suffice. Be careful if you quote a job before you get site induction,last one we sat for 6Hrs dribbling about only allowing 3hrs to pull job off,on the up side,got $650 worth of free Vaccinations,after we allowed another day waiting for blood tests,then 2hrs between shots.Downside,Induction clearance to massive Site expired after job completion.Bonus again,havent got any life threatening greebies.

Jul 21 2012 13:44

Some of the people i have worked with could spend 40 hours on a any course in the world and you would still not want to work with them.

Jul 23 2012 18:42

until now the safe working practice part of our refreshers should have been enough for SiteSafe. But it wasn\'t, mostly because Sitesafe is as much a money-making empire as a system to keep worksites safe. Hence the proliferation of different sitesafe passports - including one for retail (which I need to work in my local New World).

And with EWRB no longer requiring SWP, we can\'t even make that argument any more, just have to bite the bullet, pay the extra, and avoid wallet overload by giving the Board the evidence of sitesafe-approved training as well as the electrical refresher (doesn\'t have to be the dedicated electrical passport course, but that\'s probably the cheapest way).