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Posted By Topic: Cloth braid flex

Jul 23 2012 22:02

Hello there, does anyone please know where I can buy a couple of metres of 0.22 mm or similar size non kink cloth braided flex? I have tried the wholsalers but thought there may be someone out there who knows . It has to be black ( iron leads are black with a trace of colour I.e yellow )
Thanks people


Jul 23 2012 22:14

Some wholesalers used to have iron leads made up complete with a plug on the end, and the larger wholesalers may still do so.

I think some of the original iron flex used to have asbestos in it, not too sure if it was the dangerous stuff but be carefull if you find some old flex.


The Don
Jul 23 2012 22:47

Are you talking about 3 core flex ?
.22 thats small don\'t know why anyone would make it that small
Iron cords available in .75, 1.0 and 1.5 as a rule


Jul 24 2012 06:35

Sorry , I did not explain the cable or use for it correctly . I need black braid ( no colour ) it is the same as per an iron lead , but need for a hanging light to match others. I was not sure on exact sizing but 0.5mm is a bit tight, cheers all. AJM


Jul 25 2012 19:08

spray painting a braided iron cord to the colour you are looking for.