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Posted By Topic: OPS Linegangs

Jul 26 2012 18:11

have noticed Otago Power Linecrews starting to connect up installations without any pole fusing (ICP Fuse), there is no fusing at the inside MEN switchboard for the mainscable, so wondered what this approach is all about, to me this just doesn\'t seam right, and could lead to some premise fires instead of simply blowing the street fuse. can anyone put some light (bad pun) on this, aleck maybe (seeing as this is in your area?

Jul 26 2012 19:53

don\'t think that can be correct , surely you are mistaken

Jul 26 2012 20:50

@ I, I\'m correct, this is after a pole replacement, there is now no pole fuse for the premise, i inquired about this, and was told that OPS are not fitting icp fusing in some circumstances but couldn\'t get this expanded on. to me it doesn\'t seam right or legal, and leaves a dangerous situation.


Jul 27 2012 08:04

Got a job in Wackawite ;-) with a relocating house and pole has been established, our underground cable hooked up to a KRONE fuse just as normal and every thing hunnky dory so seems strange for your situation.

Jul 27 2012 08:35

Read ESR 32.
If they\'re leaving out the supply fuse \"in some circumstances\", they must be providing short circuit protection some other way.

The important thing to recognise is that networks DON\'T have to provide overcurrent protection. So when they do fit a fuse of a rating to suit your installation\'s mains, that\'s lucky. Most of us still expect them to, but we have to change our thinking.

It\'s the installer\'s job to KNOW what overcurrent protection - if any - has been provided, and to install their own if required.

The other thing that\'s mandatory is means of isolation for mains [2.3.1], which is also normally the service fuse.

Would be interested in how the mandated short-circuit protection and means of isolation are being provided - maybe by fuses on the tranny output? One thoing\'s for sure, if one network adopts a money-saving option, others will follow.... and we need to be awake to how it affects our work on installations.

Jul 27 2012 09:41

A 63A mcb in the appropriate housing, brought into service as a main switch, would surely do the job.

Jul 27 2012 09:56

Only where the mains aren\'t split for different tariffs. But can be fitted as the meter isolator (without turning the meterbox into a switchboard).
Point is you have to know what has - or hasn\'t - been provided by the network.

Jul 27 2012 15:31

My reading of EsR 32 says they have got no choice but to fuse the aerials, any sort of \"thing\" on the main/meter board doesnt cover it.

Jul 27 2012 15:32

My reading of EsR 32 says they have got no choice but to fuse the aerials, any sort of \"thing\" on the main/meter board doesnt cover it.

craig c
Jul 27 2012 20:52

In Taranaki My understanding as an inspector is that they are required to supply service fuses for a mains cable into the customers property from the network, It is a requirement that each Installation has its own set of fuses if supplied off a service line.

May be differant in your area but i cant see how it would be legal to have no fuses on customers service mains off the network.
How would one isolate in a emergency- etc and so on.

Jul 27 2012 20:59

I have made noises at the network company today, and will be back onsite later next week, could be interesting to see if a service fuse has been installed. thanks for your feedback guys, think we are all on the same page here.

Ron Proffit
Jul 28 2012 11:35

craig C,
most of the rules that apply to lines are a left over from the old power board days. It was always presumed that as the boards were a not for proffit, public interest organisations they would always work for public safety and therefore did not need country wide regulations. Many of the places were we believe there are strong rules do not in fact have any written requirements.
Ron P

Terry Jones
Aug 03 2012 08:46

As the Network Manager for OtagoNet I can confirm that our standard is to install ICP fuses for all installation connections, both undergroud cable and overhead lines. I am sure that our main contractor, Otago Power Services, is doing this.

If there are any further concerns about this please contact the OtagoNet office on 03 418 4950 to have any issue resolved.

Ron Proffit
Aug 03 2012 12:09

Thanks terry. It is good to hear from you
Ron Proffit

Aug 03 2012 19:18

Thanks Terry, in this situation I have referred to, is actually not in your area, it\'s in powernets area and the issue has been raised with them.