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Posted By Topic: 32A PDL Three Phase in school hall

Mark Dawson
Aug 01 2012 18:15

Hello, I own a sound & light company. We are doing a school show next week. We require a 5 pin 32A 3 phase outlet. The school has a breaker board in the kitchen and we are going to get the sparky to put in a suitable outlet near this so we can hook on. The board currently has a 3x 63A incomer, a 25A stove mcb, a couple of 20A Hp circuits, and a few 10A lighting circuits. There is physical space for some more mcbs in the board, and we aren\'t going to load more than 50% off the outlet. Can anyone see any potential issues here? I\'m just trying work out if it\'s a go/no go before I call the sparky in.
Any advice appreciated :)

Aug 01 2012 18:26

if theres space in the board do it, if its a no go the sparky will tell you,

Mark Dawson
Aug 01 2012 18:35

Cheers, Ben. Just making sure we\'re ok on capacity etc before I get the sparky to install the outlet; otherwise we rethink what the client has ordered for their show. Would a higher amperage outlet like that still require RCD\'s?


Aug 01 2012 18:54

if theres space in the board do it, if its a no go the sparky will tell you,

Aug 02 2012 10:41

Yes, if it\'s a school atended by children up to year 8; unless one of the Exceptions applies.
If the show is to be in a hall, probably OK.

Mark Dawson
Aug 07 2012 23:03

Thankyou, this is the answer I was looking for. We can offer a range of lower draw entertainment lighting, but that would be more costly. Basically weighing up a outlet upgrade cost versus higher priced rental units. Thankyou for your assistance