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Posted By Topic: My sky hdmi

Aug 05 2012 18:08

Ok I am sick of sitting in the cold room cause it has the sky decoder in it compared to by the fire with the little telly on watching the Olympics now I now how to back feed the old UHF/VHF sky signal to the rest of the house. But when I looked at the back of the the my sky unit and the new flat screen tv it got me beat. I plan to run a cat5 between two tv so I can pir it and change the channel .
Help would be greatly appreciated............

Aug 05 2012 20:54

you can get hdmi extenders from jaycar that use 2 x cat5 or 6 between the two units, or you can also get modulators that use the rca output of the mysky decoder and convert this to coax. depends what you are needing at the other end the modulator will be the cheaper of the two options.

Aug 06 2012 15:41

Or a Video sender which plugs into your RCA output and other TV input.I have one and it also has the IR remote sender/reciever.About $100, plenty of them on trademe.

Aug 09 2012 20:18

Whats a video cable link

Aug 09 2012 21:31

with bryce\'s option you will only get low res, my option offers you hdmi or vga levels of res. your choice.