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Posted By Topic: Builders site sheds.

Aug 28 2012 17:55

Had a query for anyone out there able to help.
What is a builders site shed classed as and what inspections must be carried out so it is compliant.
Are they classed similar to caravans? Whith the need for wof\' s
These sheds in particular have water boilers, microwave etc and at present connected via caravan plugs.


Aug 28 2012 18:47

forgive me but i would like to know what exactly a builder does with a microwave...?

Aug 28 2012 18:57

a site shed would fall under the banner of AS/NZS 3001 - Relocatable premises (including caravans and tents )

so yes a wof would be a requirement which would be need to be done by someone with an Electrical inspector qualification

The Don
Aug 28 2012 21:03

Bratt: Your mostly correct and in this case the Hut described would be subject to a EWOF as it is connected by a plug and socket .
However if it was not connected by a Plug and socket but permantly connected with a mains box or J box then it would not need an Electrical WOF and would not be required to be wired in accordance with 3001 .
3001 is all about be able to connect by an unskilled person where as a permenantly connected shed needs to be done by a sparky and therefore subject to a COC, so should be being checked and tested prior to every connection .


Aug 29 2012 04:03

no one was asking about permanent connection
\" connected via caravan plugs.\"

if it was permanently connected it would not be classed as relocatable


The Don
Aug 29 2012 07:29

Bratt: Your correct except your post \" a site shed would fall under the banner of AS/NZS 3001 \" gives the wrong impression , Not all site sheds fall under 3001 .


Aug 29 2012 12:50

So I think we have established a builder’s site office needs a EWOF if it is to be connected by plug/ socket arrangement and that would be valid for 4yrs.
On said building site am I correct that there is no further requirement for ongoing testing.
When the 3monthly checks are done on all other things electrical, this office seems to be excluded from needing to be checked (AS/NZS 30102, 3.8.3, Table 3, note 1).
This says the interval’s don’t apply, does this mean that the testing isn’t needed or are there separate intervals published elsewhere.
Some of these site office/ containers can get pretty rough after 4 years getting moved from site to site.

Thoughts anyone


Aug 29 2012 19:13

Thanks Don , point taken
I dug out my copy but it\'s been a while 3001:2001 so is out of date from looking at standards nz and I can\'t log in as I forgot my password and am no longer at the place where I used the email addy .so will have to phone tomorrow to get access

latest is AS/NZS 3001:2008
Electrical Installations - Transportable structures and vehicles including their site supplies

the outdated one mentions in
3.2.1 detachable connection
3.2.2 Direct connection
so both in there and R.c.d test annually.

also w.o.f is 5years , yes ?


The Don
Aug 29 2012 21:22

Bratt : the new version of 3001 is 2008 , now there has been a couple of ammendments to that one as well with the latest one just being completed .
The direct connection you mentioned refers to the direct connection of the mains lead to the hut or Caravan at the van end only , it still assumes a plug at the supply end .
you might recall that at one stage the mains lead was permanently connected and you had to have a RCD in the lead at the supply end . This proved not that successfull so the option to have plug and socket at the van was reintroduced .
So we ended up with a mixture of connection types.
On a construction site the a tranportable building also has to comply with 3012, section 2.9 gives the varies connection options available , including mentioning that they must comply with 3001 .This would be true for a plug in connection but as 3001 does not cover permenant connection as well , the other options are listed as well.
I have not got a copy of the draft amendment to 3001 handy but I\'m preety sure also that the scope of 3001 has been changed now to precude site sheds . (I will check on that and let you know ).
regards warrants , they are valid for four years.

Rowley : to answer your question about the testing time period , frankly I don\'t know why 3012 exempts nz from the schedule in table 3 , maybe its because if done to 3001 they should have a warrant , but clearly if a permenant connection is done the WOF can not be applied to it, but a COC would be re3quired each time it was connected so testing should happen then . Probably a better option than a WOF anyway .
But your right that might be something that needs addressed, maybe 3012 or 3001 has not kept up with the changes :).
AlecK maybe able to throw some more light on that for us .


Aug 30 2012 11:26

I\'m not on either of those Committees, but
suspect he\'s right that the reason the Table 3 test intervals don\'t apply to transportable structures in NZ is because of WoEFs (which Aussie doesn\'t have).

He is right that the Scope of 3001 has changed to reduce confusion. Though until Amendment 1 is cited (by next ESRs?) we in NZ use Amdt A. Makes no real difference on the matters under discussion here, but affects issue of WoEF for older caravans.

Hard-wired site huts - not being Transportable structures (as defined) - are subject to CoC and also to periodic verification just like the rest of the site supply.