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Posted By Topic: Replacing sealed plug tops on extension leads

Aug 28 2012 17:59

Another question for you guys.
Are you allowed to remove a damaged sealed plug top from a lead and replace it with a enzide type.
I have been told this is not allowed but can\'t see it .



Aug 28 2012 18:20

I have No issues with that at all and dont hesitate to replace ends with enzide ones

Aug 28 2012 18:51

Hi Simon,
it\'s not allowed to be done in a place of work etc by people who are not qualified to do so or don\'t have a practicing license.( a lead needs the appropriate electrical tests done after plug replacement and before being put back into service)

otherwise its as Craig says, a non issue, enzide make good plugs and cord connectors

Angry Client
Aug 28 2012 20:38

If you did that to one of my appliances and then had the cheek to charge me for it you would never be welcome back!

*Ask permission first, maybe I have my own staff that can do it cheaper than you expensive test and tag guys.


Aug 28 2012 20:44

@ Angry Client- Before you lose your cool, read again the post above yours, and check your legal liabilities.

Angry Client
Aug 28 2012 20:54

Did I ****ing say that I would test and tag it afterwards?!? Maybe I got a mate that is registered to do the repair and isnt an enzide whore and will do it for a couple of beers on friday which I put on the tab that the ex wife pays, hate those black ugly bulky plugs, esspecially when the only appliances we have are computers, printers and dildo rechargers!! **** off you upity ****, you have no idea what my ****en situation is.


Aug 28 2012 21:04

@ Angry Client - Now we all know you are not only angry, but a walking obscenity. No wonder she\'s your \"ex\"
You should now give your real name so we can all avoid doing any work for you.

The Don
Aug 28 2012 21:16

Angry Guy , your clearly having a bad day , to get back to the original question , the original poster does not say what the enzide plug was going on , most sparkys would use enzide plugs and connectors for leads and tools used in construction and outdoor use , there are other varieties available to fit to office equipment and i would not be to happy if someone used an enzide on my PC lead either but there was no mention of that so nothing to lose your cool over ah what .

Aug 28 2012 21:42

@ angry client, well instead of replacing the low quality failed sealed plug on your appliance we could simply just fail it and then you would be able to use it all.

Aug 28 2012 22:19

Don\'t feed the trolls, it only encourages them to come out of the holes they live in.

Aug 29 2012 06:57

Thanks for the clarification. And I did not see a issue with doing that.
Just to clarify it is a extension lead used on a building site.
Thanks again.

Why would you be an
Aug 29 2012 07:54

Angry Client, if the plug was damaged and unsafe I would have thought that one would have been very thankful to the sparky concerned but then we are talking Joe Public here;-)

Aug 29 2012 12:31

Yeah thats right angry client, FUCK OFF!

Aug 29 2012 17:19

I don\'t use Enzide plugs and sockets anymore, their quality is poor and their design worse.

Clipsal 439 plugs and 438 Sockets are winners in my book, available in three sizes, and in clear, black, white and grey. They have brass screws that can be undone and allow the plug/socket to be reused (Enzide has foolishly used steel screws which corrode). The pins on the plug don\'t bend and break off, the way the Enzide ones do.

Clipsal plugs/sockets don\'t have to be pulled apart to fit them, saves time if there\'s a few repairs

Finally, Clipsal plugs are way cheaper than Enzides.

Aug 29 2012 22:21

Steve, Enzide plugs are good; forget those Clipsal things.

Aug 30 2012 11:33

Why not?
Work done has to be paid for!

The alternative is to assess the appliance as electrically unsafe, in which case ESRs require us to not release it from our control unless disabled and labelled - the acceptable form of disabling being to completely cut off the flex; and the acceptable label being defined in AS/NZS 5762.


Another Paul
Aug 30 2012 12:08

I have a power tool with a clipsal 439 plug that\'s done over 30 years without the cord grip failing. Most Enzides that I see have the outer sheath pulled back.

Aug 30 2012 19:53

\"Enzide plugs are good; forget those Clipsal things.\" Nah, sorry Daniel, years ago they were, but the modern ones are rubbish, expensive and most folk wiring them up manage to yank the earth conductor out of it\'s terminal when they assemble them.

Clipsal are a way better product, more user friendly and cheaper- a winning combo bud in my book, I won\'t use any else.


Aug 30 2012 20:38

I\'ve found the enzide plugs are good for a thin size flex but on the ultra thick flex that most builders use (or are compelled to buy) nowdays the fucking cord grip cannot be used without the whole plug distorting its shape when you try to put it together. And so like someone mentioned, there are 1000\'s of enzide plugs out there with the outer flex hanging off. I will definately try these clipsal plugs that someone mentioned.

Aug 31 2012 06:50

For HD builder\'s leads Craig, get Clipsal 439 SHD plug- clear, the 439 XHD Clear might be required if it\'s a really chunky 1.5 cored lead, and matching sockets.