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Posted By Topic: removing & replacing downlight

Sep 03 2012 09:18

A builder wants to replace gib ceiling but needs downlights removed and then reinstated after painted. Can I put existing lights (newish house haven\'t seen job yet) back in or do I need to get ca rated fittings? Cheers

Sep 03 2012 11:12

That would be maintenance, not installation.
So no need to get fittings that comply with new rules, as essentially nothing is changing(might be different if the new ceiling was flammable).
ESR 113 allows existing installations to continue in service

Sep 03 2012 21:55

Thanks AlecK, sounds good to me.

Sep 03 2012 23:37

brendon, while you have them out, check the thermal insulation situation, and clearance from timbers. Might save you some grief later.

Sep 04 2012 08:04

insulation was being added or installed at the same time then I would think default clearances (200mm?) would need to be applied as there is no rating on the fittings.