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Posted By Topic: wages

Sep 06 2012 18:32

hi guys, im a qualified appliance serviceman thinking doing a sparky apship anyone know what i would be looking at time wise and what to expect with wages(with mortgauge has to be considerd)any ifo will help cheers

Sep 06 2012 18:58

I am currently in an apprenticeship. I would be expecting about 3.5 years (unless you have qualifications to cross credit). However if you go through an extramural provider like open polytech and you dont have self discipline, you could be there forever.

In regards to the pay, all I am willing to say is I am certainly not the bread winner in my household. Maybe a crust, on a good week.

Sep 06 2012 19:10

Our apprentice is on $15.00 per hour less taxs and has 2 years expieriance so far on the tools, It aint alot of money however the benifits long term for this 3-4 years of study is worth it.and the pay would increase in stages as his studys progress

Sep 06 2012 20:30

if ya nail down and get all the paper work done as fast as ya can u can get ya apprentiship done in 3years like i did.

Wages will depend on where you are working

Sep 06 2012 20:39

Hi mac. I\'m an 18 months in apprentice I get 16.50 an hour (started on $15). As someone said the open polytech books are good, a self motivated person can get through them and sit their exams in about 18 months or quicker. As for the internal assessments some bosses will sign you off quickly, others 3-4 years. I dont think the pay is very good in NZ. But if youre willing to move to australia you\'ll earn phenomenal money.