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Posted By Topic: Wiring and power requirements for temporary office

Sep 08 2012 16:19

Kia ora!
I must confess I have no idea re electricity so please some of my ignorance might annoy some of you but please understand my stupidity comes from me not knowing basics!

I am working on a project asked by my parents to bring a container from China to put at the back of my parents house as a temporary accommodation while they are working on major renovation of their house. The idea is that they want to use the container house while they work on the house and later they use it as nanny flat or even sell it.

They have done good research and contacted several manufacters in China. As it is more like a temporary house, they decided to use caravan styled power connection and plubming. They checked with city council and were told that it is temp so don\'t need consents.

What they are concerned about is electricity as of course they would want to be fried or being cold in the middle of cold night etc. They need to figure out what kind of cord, power etc need to use.

Basically, requirements for wiring behind of wall (thickness of the cord), powerpoint, etc. Sorry I don\'t know what i am supposed to ask but I think you know what I need. However I was told like this:
power point cable is to be 2.5mm2.. and all lighting cable 1.5mm2 and cable to hotwater and stove is to be 6.00mm2.

Would it enough? Many thanks, Simon

Sep 08 2012 18:20

I would suggest you get an electrician in to look at it. If you wire it yourself youre going to have a hell of a hard time finding someone to sign it off

Sep 08 2012 19:16

Kia Ora Simon,
really though would it not be better to just get it done in nz ?
you can buy second hand sea containers here and then fit it out locally with the right equipment and in the required manner,(although perhaps they are bringing in goods inside the container when shipped ?)
another way is to buy or rent a portacom (made out of sandwich panel= insulated to a reasonable degree), these can be made to suit if you buy one,
then perhaps your parents can resell it as I expect there would be some interest in it for a Bach or first home for someone who has just purchased some land


The Don
Sep 08 2012 19:22

Simon : If you plan on bringing the container from China I would suggest no wiring be done till it arrives in NZ , and when it does you then geta local Electrician familair with wiring of caravans to sort it out for you .
Because you want to plug it in with a plug and socket it will need an Electrical Warrant of fitness.