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Posted By Topic: SDoC

Sep 10 2012 16:36

Hi, does a commercial oven need an SDoC? I can\'t find them on either the \"Declared Medium Risk\" or the \"Declared High Risk\" lists linked to the ESS website. Thanks, Darryl.

Sep 10 2012 16:59

If not gazetted as a DMRA, then SDoC is voluntary.

But you still might want something if you\'re connecting it, since the CoC will declare that what you\'ve connected is safe - and how else can you tell?

However last time I looked, \"range\" was listed.

Whether the type you are dealing with is \"as defined in AS/NZS417.2 inc amendment 1\" I can\'t be completely sure, as I haven\'t got a copy.

But my guess would be that it\'s covered so an SDoC is needed.