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Posted By Topic: sdoc for street light?

Sep 11 2012 13:41

Can anyone tell me if a street light requires a sdoc? The supplier has never been asked for one before. It is a 70watt SON ufo type fitting with a cable grippa and flex going down the pole to a breaker. Cheers

The Don
Sep 11 2012 14:32

Hi Brendon , the list of declared medium risk articles that require a SDOC can be found on the ES website , the following is included in the schedule

Light fitting :
A fitting that is intended to produce light for illumination purposes, in domestic or similar applications, having a rating up to and including 500 watts and is for use with tungsten filament, light emitting semiconductors, tubular fluorescent or other discharge lamps and includes fittings also incorporating automatic controls, such as passive infrared motion detectors.

So if it falls into the above category then yep it does need one .


Sep 11 2012 17:27

Thanks for that, I have just been browsing the ESS web site and have advised the supplier of our findings. The supplier is of the opinion that the fittings don\'t require one, so it\'s on them if it all turns to custard..... I suppose (famous last words!).
Also has anyone had to install an Aerlite heat/fan/light unit (customer supplied from Mitre 10), because it took a lot of effort to get SDoCs from SIMX.
Is no one asking for SDoCs? because I have found that a few suppliers have never been asked for them or have never even heard of them.
Rant rant rave rave