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Posted By Topic: light switch

Mar 26 2013 22:01

Hi saw some arlec 4 gang light switches on special at the local hardware. The packet says complies to nz and aus standards. Is that all that is needed or ??

Mar 27 2013 08:41

switches are a Declared Medium Risk Article, so an SDoC is required.

Mar 27 2013 10:50

For reliability long term I would not be using Arlec. Personal choice but does not last switching normal loads.

Mar 27 2013 12:35

Thanks for your reply's. Will ask bunnings for a suplyers document. Only $4.00 so may risk them, i suppose they are not a big seller , so possibly the reason for dropping the price. An hpm or pdl 4 gang switch is considerably more.

Mar 27 2013 18:13

There's a reason for that