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Posted By Topic: SDOCs for lighting

Apr 01 2013 00:54

My client is renovating their home, and they have been looking for new light fittings. I have told them to ensure they get SDoCs from the stores.
Client has told me that they have not had much luck finding a store that even knows what a supplier declaration of conformity is!

He did buy one fitting - and the storeperson said they would email him the SDoC - and when he recieved it and opened it, it was a blank SDoC form - when he asked the supplier what the deal was, the supplier told my client he could do it himself.

Am I missing something, have I misread the rules?
I thought it was spelt out pretty clear at

Thanks in advance for any responses

Apr 01 2013 07:24

Where are your clients buying their lights from??
From my experience all the lighting shops and Mitre 10, Bunnings etc are all right on top of this.

Apr 01 2013 15:31

I guess from the more boutique lighting stores in Auckland - maybe that's the problem. ECC was one of them, there was another one in Parnell which was quite pricey.

So you say the major home reno stores are good for SDoCs? Okay thanks