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Posted By Topic: fFinding Work in NZ

Apr 01 2013 04:41

Hi all

Im a uk sparks and presently working out how to register with EWRB.
Once i have (hopefully) received my Provisional licence, it is then that i need to find a employer to take me on and sign a supervisor form to baby sit me whilst i catch up with the equivalent NZ Quals.
If all goes to plan, im thinking of relocating to bay of plenty area....
Could anyone advise me on the possibilities of getting work in this are?
Are there any employers in this area i should consider contacting or am i being very naive?
Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Jay

Apr 02 2013 18:49

I've found (for myself) the best way to search this site is to go through Google. Type in electrical forum nz and (eg) work in nz and it comes up with a reasonable selection. But if you scroll down to -UK electrician just moved to NZ Feb 21 2012 0713 that should start the ball rolling...

Apr 10 2013 03:14

Thanks NG
ill check out those forums straight away.

Apr 10 2013 03:53

Ive just been on that nzfeb2012 question on this forum and some of the responses seem negative. (Hope ive been looking at the right page) I suppose everyone is in the same boat, fighting for the same jobs and the last thing kiwis want is immigrants coming and taking up more jobs and resources? or am i wrong? Here in the uk, we have pretty much the same problems!
work being thin on the ground and everyone trying to get the same work-and then doing the work for peanuts.
Im looking at NZ for myself and my family, to try to get out of the rat race and hopefully get a better quality of life for all of us. or am i being very naive?

Apr 11 2013 17:25

The best site for jobs in NZ is Trade Me

If you become a member (free) you can set it up to email you every time an electrical job in the BOP is advertised.

It may be tricky to sign up from overseas (they may use an IP filter) but if you know anyone over here just get them to set it up and it will send the new listings to your UK email...


Apr 14 2013 09:41

thanks query