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Posted By Topic: Lamps keep blowing regularly

Apr 05 2013 18:37

Had this situation happen twice now, a block of 9 units and the one that is furthest from the road and the transformer i'm guessing, the lamps keep blowing way to often. And a house in a subdivision that is as far from the main road as possible and the last street in the subdivision.

Are both these situations both suffering from-

a: voltage drop,
b: distance from transformer,
c: the electrician should have put in more 1.5mm2 cables to sub circuits
d: all of the above,
e: something else???

Apr 05 2013 19:59

something else

Apr 05 2013 20:13

Being what?

John W
Apr 10 2013 19:35

Please tell us they are not using el cheapo $1 bulbs from the likes of P&S.
Fit some decent quality $5-7 CFLs then see what happens.
I presume you have monitored the Voltage at the S/board, any fluctuations worth reporting?