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Posted By Topic: Electrical Direct Limited

Apr 11 2013 17:33

Hey guys,

Has anyone heard of Electrical Direct Limited (owned by ESL - Ross McCoy)?
Something needs to be done about this crowd - they are selling gear direct to the public at rates below our cost!
With hourly rates so competitive margins on gear is how us electricians earn a living!
It's bad for the industry.
Appreciate your thoughts guys.

Apr 11 2013 20:18

What do you propose we do Jonny?

Apr 11 2013 23:37

I'm going to talk to Ecanz... If all us sparkies get together surely we can do something to put a stop to this. Home owners should not be able to purchase mains cabling etc cheaper than qualified electricians. If we all pool together we can sort this industry out and get rid of all the cowboys.

Apr 13 2013 22:07

Got me Horse ready jonny, where to next

Apr 13 2013 22:09

I got a star with Deputy on it as well, looks like I'm all geared up