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Posted By Topic: hot water cylinder

Apr 13 2013 10:11

Hi all

I have a question on hot water cylnders.
i am connecting 2 hotwater cylinders which are 3 kw, 40 years old house is under renovating , old cylinders were 2kw(total 4kw).
there is rewirabe fuse in the metre box, 2 hrc fuse in the sb.. pilot is 4mm.
can we connect 2 cylinders(total 6kw) with 1 ripple control. very appreciated with your vauable advices.

Apr 13 2013 17:47

on local network's rules.
and size of w/h main between meterbox and swbd.

Most ripples are good for 40 A but some networks want them restricted to 32 A.

6 kW should be OK on ripple even with that restriction; but whether 6 kW will fit on mains depends on size / route length / installation conditions.

Apr 13 2013 20:45

A contactor?