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Posted By Topic: Compliance on Invoices

Apr 15 2013 11:07

quick question as to what others are doing for Code of Compliance. We are still issuing a separate certificate for jobs completed, however obviously now we are able to include a clause on our invoices as an alternative. Any tips as to what others are doing and examples of wording is being used (if possible) would be appreciated.

Apr 15 2013 12:07

The info required for certificate of compliance is the same, regardless of format.
Same for new ESC, and for record of inspection.

All specified in ESRs.

By all means add it onto your invoice (after 1 July, NOT before) if you can make it fit.


The CoC must be issued BEFORE connection... which is a bit early for invoicing, as most customers want the job finished and working before getting an invoice.
Same for RoI.

All sorts of people have the right to demand a copy at any time over the next 7 years.
Do you really want them to see how much you charged? That should be between you and customer, it's no-one else's business. (Beware of Privacy Act)

the original concept of a simple compliance mark added to an invoice went out the window long ago, the amount of info required makes it highly impracticable to put it all on an invoice.


Apr 15 2013 15:27

I wrote my own business software so will be looking at adding this option soon. Probably still hand write over 50% of them and leave with homeowner (because invoice goes to another party).
Good point from AlecK, will ensure appended cert is on its own separate page.