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Posted By Topic: requirements for SDOC's in a domestic installatio

Apr 15 2013 18:43

Is there anywhere it states that as an electrician carrying out prescribed electrical work that you have to obtain an SDOC for the fixture you're installing? I've seen all the supplier information for an SDOC but never seen anywhere it explicitly states and electrician must obtain one. I have a catalog of SDOC's for the cable / fixtures I install for my personal records but encounter customers who will provide you a fitting and tend to go off the rails if you request an SDOC. Just wondering if there's a blurred line between the definite mandatory requirement of a DOC and an SDOC as the installer. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


mmmm well
Apr 15 2013 21:12

my understanding, and i stand to be corrected, is that currently (until 1 july 2013) we only need to be satisfied that a sdoc exists for the item we are connecting. However post 1 july this year, it's a whole new ball game, and we will be not only required to have in our possession a copy of the sdoc for the item, but we also have to provide the client with a copy along with all the other documentation we are also required to provide the client, we also have to store a copy of the sdoc and associated documentation for 8 years. of course there is a loosely written exemption that we can point the client to where the sdoc may be obtained i.e. the suppliers website - but that could be just as clunky as providing the document in the first place.

Apr 17 2013 09:16

That is correct

The current requirement applies to suppliers of declared medium risk articles (DMRAs), which are listed i NZ Gazette as such (copy of list on ES website).
Covers most but not all fittings and cable.
Refer ESR 83

Additional requirement from 1 July, ESR 66