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Posted By Topic: house rewire

Apr 29 2013 17:13

Been asked to quote to rewire a house, are we required to upgrade fuses mcbs and fit rcds for a rewire?

Apr 29 2013 17:21

if you are also completely replacing all of the switchboard panel circuit protection fittings, there is a requirement for the provision of RCCDs or RCBOs when the new switchboard panel is being fitted. See clause There is slight change and clarification to this clause when amendment 2 is cited.

May 01 2013 19:13

Back to the question, the answer is NO, unless of course it is not electrically safe or did not comply when initially installed.
Although it would be great if all homeowners agreed to the installation of RCBOs on each individual circuit etc, etc, some just cannot afford it, so better to make it safe initially and move on maybe doing the Switchboard upgrade at a later date.

May 01 2013 21:38

If you replaced all wiring on like for like basis only (and did o NOT introduce any new wiring) the Wiring Rules and ESR 2010 would allow the existing over current devices could remain, provided any are in good electrical condition.

Considering that it is very unlikely that you would be faithfully only replacing like for like in the whole installation the answer must it is required to bring such protection devices to the current requirements.

correct me
May 01 2013 22:10

if i\'m wrong, but pluto i dont think there is the term \"like for like\" anymore in nzs3000

May 02 2013 08:09

According to my interpretation of reg 66 (3) (b) and (d) with definition of \"fittings\" from the act, rewiring a house does not even require a COC.??? yeah right.

May 02 2013 09:05

Yes Russ,if you re-wire such that everything you do is repair or replacement (exchange), - as described above by Pluto - no CoC required . Never has been; all that\'s changing 1 July about that is that conductors are no longer mentioned separately.[current ESR 66; new ESR 65]

You can even go beyond like-for-like ( and true, there\'s no such wording anywhere in wiring Rules); eg replace old conduit circuits with TPS. That includes mains, and no CoC means no inspection under current ESR 70. Under new regime, replacement of \"fittings\" is Low Risk PEW [ESR 6A], so cannot be \"mains work\", or any other sort of High Risk PEW; so inspection not required.

Back to \"like-for-like\"; it\'s handy concept but not a precise one; the words to live by are in clause 1.9.3; That dictates how far you can go with repairs.

Any new points, or anything that increases loads or otherwise adversely affects the electrical characteristics of any circuit, is an alteration and not a repair. Making it General PEW or High Risk PEW, CoC required.