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Posted By Topic: Mitre 10 Dream Home

Jul 09 2013 21:32

Did anyone notice the cables taped to the rondo battens on TV2 tonight?

Cables running over rondo battens, taped to, under Pink Batt insulation etc etc.

Are sparkies getting so lazy nowadays?

Jul 10 2013 09:24

didn\'t see it, but it may be compliant.

by placing the cables under the BTI, the higher \"partially surrounded\" ratings can be used.
The cable is also not at much risk of damage from above.

The risk is that being run under joists, or being taped or otherwise fixed to battens, means the cable isn\'t free to move to 50 mm from face of ceiling . So requires protection from mechanical damage.

one accepted form of protection [] is RCD protection, and in a house most cables will have this.

Nov 05 2013 13:06

I just saw the sparky running TPS over the rondo, under the joist/truss at my friends house. I guess from your comment AlecK, that is allowable?
Does that mean that 50mm clearance is not needed for cable in walls that are RCD protected?

Nov 05 2013 18:17


Nov 06 2013 09:37

Thanks Apprentice.