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Posted By Topic: Truck Driver Question 2

Aug 12 2013 13:42

Hi Guys, thanks for your hep with my single phase to 3 phase adaptor question earlier.

But just to refresh your memory, I\'m a truckie that tows around a 3 phase engineering workshop. I connect it to a socket either on the side of a building or the socket may even be standing on it\'s own on a pedastal or pole in a paddock. Just like a caravan or motor home service pillar.

I have EST so I know the basics, but my next question is:
Do these outlets need Periodic Verification:
My understanding is that caravan and motor-home outlets are to be tested 24 monthly (?) in accordance with AS/NZS 3001
3001:2008 Appendix C (page 40).
Testing requirements are covered in clause C4 and C5.
C4 is effectively reads as a visual test for obvious damage, exposed wires, no exposed unearthed parts etc. Moisture protection, correct breaker rating etc.
C5 is for the inspection and operation of the RCD according to 3000 Section by using the self test button.

If this is correct, could I then be deemed a competent person to inspect the pillar and (effectively) issue a Certificate Of Verification..?
Or are there other tests that are beyond my scope that need to be done.

NB I am only talking about the service pillar CoV not the mobile installation EoWF


Aug 12 2013 16:00

Hi there Truckie,
Yes you could be deemed a competent person if you could satisfy the board that you had sufficient experience and were competent to inspect and issue. I knew of several electricians who were authorized to inspect and issue WOEF for caravans and pleasure craft.
You are correct in reference to AS/NZS 3001:2008 appendix C

Unless the sockets were actually in a Caravan Park or specific are set aside for the connection of Caravans (Like a RSA carpark or Council parking Area) then they would be exempt from the re-inspection requirement.

Regulation 75 sets out the time requirements for inspections of areas requiring periodic re-inspection. Regulation 75 also specifies who may inspect certain types of installations.


Aug 12 2013 17:03


a couple of future sites may be schools where they have outlets for the mobile ear van, Life Education truck (Harold I think they call it) and mobile dental clinics etc.

They are old or new schools, the old schools are literally a 32amp outlet on the wall.

The newer schools seem to have been done to NZS6115 with RCBO\'s, which specifies CoV service pillar testing in accordance with 3001..

But if 3001 only applies to purpose built caravan sites, then do these school sites fall outside of 3001 appendix C CoV testing..

one clever truck driver
Aug 12 2013 20:01

I have been told not to plug my truck lead into any thing unless test tag is current.Once plugged in,i then check self dianogistics on truck to see if all is good ie green light,otherwise email is sent to boss explaining why reefer not working.

Aug 12 2013 21:31

You are correct that the outlets are installed to comply with NZS6115 for connection of medical type relocateables.
Reg 75 is vague as to the time frames but does state that the person inspecting must have competences in the relevant areas covered by the standards.
NZS6115 specifies 24 monthly inspections of electro medical pillars.
The pillars are to be inspected to appendix c of 3001 as amended by 6115 section 7.1.

I think I got all the points there for you.

Aug 13 2013 09:22

periodic verification of caravan parks, marinas, and construction / demolition sites is reserved for inspectors by ESR 75(2).

So while you might be \"competent\" in terms of AS/NZS 3001, you need the appropriate PL from EWRB.

There is a definition of \"caravan park\" in ESRs, and it has nothing to do with an area eing set aside. It relates only to the number of outlets intended for the use of connecable installations.

So if a school has 1 outlet for the dental clinic and another for other connectables such as Life Education, it\'s a caravan park.
And as such will require regular PV by an inspector.

As driver, you will have some responsibility under HSE, and of course you must follow safety directives from your boss.
But most responsibility / liability falls on the site owner: it\'s illegal for them to allow you to plug in unles you have a current WoEF, and it\'s illegal for them to fail to have their sites everified [ESR 75] or to not care [ESRs 15 & 16]

OCTD\'s reefer truck could be a connectable installation requiring WoEF every 4 years, but more likely to be treated as an appliance.
As an appliance; test & Tag under AS/NZS 3760 would be an appropriate safety regime. the interval would probably be 6 months.

Sep 14 2019 23:18

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Sep 18 2019 20:59

That is interesting, Allen. Your company in New York gives free advice on the AS/NZS electrical standards. Impressive.