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Posted By Topic: Registered but unlicenced

Oct 06 2013 22:27

OK, here\'s my predicament:

I have no current licence, but have been registered since 1973 (yup, getting more ancient by the day!). Over the years I have from time to time installed PEW, the last time a few years ago under s95(2) of the un-amended 1992 Act (registered person working for no reward) - I don\'t charge my family :)

Now this provision has since vanished as far as I can tell. Seems I now need to be licenced to install a simple light where not at my own house. Here\'s where I think this is crazy: my daughter can legally, under s79, install cabling and fittings in her house. She has no training and frankly would not be
capable without close supervision. But I can not even assist in the work, letalone pull the cable and fit a light myself - the simplest of jobs.

You might by now be thinking, well go and get licensed. Well I could probably do this, but for one small job? Apart from the initial Competency and CPR/First Aid training costs, I\'d have to source (buy) test equipment - I own only an AVO, Meggar, clipon ammeter and Duspol. Not good enough these days it seems. Just not worth the expense.

So my daughter can install the light and have an inspector test, connect and liven.

I\'d really appreciate someone telling me I\'ve got it all wrong and I can do the same, ie: do the work and engage an inspector. Doesn\'t seem too much to ask, does it?

Appreciate your comments.


Oct 07 2013 06:21

Hi Fred I went through the same issues about 12 months ago. Same as you I was Reg 1972. But as you will prob find you are no longer even Registered... If you are not getting back into the trade like I did the expense and bother are not worth it. Get someone to do a perky.


Oct 07 2013 08:28

Thanks Sparky. Not quite the answer I wanted, yet the answer I expected :(

Still appear as registered though, both as an electrician and engineer. Surely they can\'t take these away from me??

Oct 07 2013 08:59

Maybe \"they\" should...

Oct 07 2013 09:25

Yes your registration will still remain, as registration and licencing are separate functions.

And yes the old sop-to-old-sparkies that allowed work without reward has been removed, by the 2006 Amendment - though that change didn\'t come into force until later.

Just as well, as people who haven\'t kept up to date are likely to get things wrong, which puts others at risk.
Whereas the \"homeowner\" rules if followed correctly, put no-one at risk; partly because ECP 51 is very restrictive and partly because conductors worked on don\'t even get into the same enclosure as live parts until connection-by-inspector.

Not saying the EWRB\'s refresher courses actually do the intended job of ensuring competence; just that allowing out-of date people to do PEW for others - regardless of reward - would be wrong.

While your suggestion that you work to \"same rules\", ie ECP 51, is technically not allowed; but who would ever now? But read the ECP first because there\'s lots of stuff it does not cover / permit; quite apart from being (probably) even more out-of-date than you.

Alternatively, find a friendly licence-holder and do the work under the supervision exemption (section 76), which allows full scope of work instead of the very limited scope of the ECP.

Finally, I admire your honesty in accepting you aren\'t fully competent to do the whole job including connection and certification.

Oct 07 2013 14:06

Thanks Alec. Your contributions to the forum are always helpful.

But don\'t get me wrong - although a bit of a pain for me, I can fully understand that registered persons performing the full range of PEW should indeed be licensed.

What I fail to understand is that there is no provision for an experienced registered person to undertake the same work an unqualified, inexperienced layman can perform. Illogical in my view.

My next step is to chat with an inspector friend and maybe adopt your s76 suggestion. Or maybe I should petition the Board under s75!

Thank you also to AngryClient for such a mature response. Up to your normal helpful, erudite standard.

Oct 07 2013 18:59

\"Up to your normal helpful, erudite standard.\"

I aim to please. Your welcome.

Oct 28 2013 00:10

AngryClient is the resident Troll so it seems

Oct 28 2013 00:21

....and coopsnz the resident stoker. 3 weeks, thought this thread was dead ;-)