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Posted By Topic: Medical Inspections

Oct 16 2013 20:52

Does anyone know what competencies are required for carrying out inspection work in medical areas (not mobile facilities). ESR 75 (3)states that the competencies are referred to in AS/NZS 3003.I have had a look at 3003 but cant find anything conclusive.

Oct 17 2013 18:59

3003 makes for very interesting reading especially section 9 and it\'s notes.
Strange that the regs refer to competences in a standard that doesn\'t specifically state what competences we required to comply with the standard.

Oct 24 2013 21:04

AlecK (the oracle) ?. Any ideas please.

Oct 24 2013 21:56

It is NOT the function of Standards to detail the competency of the Workers who install the equipment, this is worker licensing issue which is under the control of EWRB.

The ESR 2010 and Standards primarily exist to detail what is considered to be electrically safe or electrically unsafe.

Oct 24 2013 22:28

Hey Pluto, you been on the ale tonight.

Oct 24 2013 23:00

pluto - I think AS/NZS60079.14 begs to differ.


Oct 24 2013 23:02

Also I think the OP was asking in regards to periodic assessment of certain installations (ESR75).

Oct 25 2013 08:43

Some Standards do refer to competence requirements.

But even where competence is defined in a Standard, it will only ever be in broad general terms.
For example, \"3760\" has a definition of \"competent person\".

ESR 75 originally cited NZS 3003.1, which had the (standard) definition:
\"A person having acquired through training, qualification or experience, or a combination of these,the knowledge and skills to enable that person to perform the task required\"
It then directed readers to Appendix B which listed a typical syllabus of training.

It would appear that when this separate NZ Standard was adopted into the main 3003, these vital bits got left behind.

One odd thing about App B is that while 3003.1 dealt with periodic inspection testing, App B said it\'s list of training was for installation.

Since ESR 75 leaves it up to the \"relevant Standard, and the relevant Standard in this case has no competence requirements, then you are competent if you do it right. Until something goes wrong, then you were incompetent with 20/20 hindsight.

Proceed carefully, and invest in some liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Oct 25 2013 09:41

Thanks Alek, this issue has caused a lot of debate at work but you answer sums it up perfectly.

Oct 25 2013 10:04

Myself and an Inspector test 50+ medical facilities a year, you don\'t need an electrician or inspector, only a competant person but it is my choice to go that bit further.

Follow 3003.1

Learn the difference between \'should\' and \'shall\' and use a decent dose of common sense without being a pedantic problem maker.

You should have basic Trade Liability Insurance anyway. Just don\'t do anything really dumb like leave a facility without a normal functional earth etc, nothing more or less than you would do for most installations.

Professional Indemnity insurance is irrelevant and not required.

Oct 25 2013 11:20

The Standard mandated by ESR 75 is 3003.
3003.1 is obsolete

So advice to \"follow 3003.1\" is valid only as long there is no conflict between the two.

where / if there is any difference, 3003 section 9 must prevail.

Oct 25 2013 21:32

NZS 3003.1 has gone for ever, and note it is NOT in schedule 2 of the 1 July 2013 reprint of ESR 2010 so it is not officially recognized.

Nov 11 2013 16:45

AS/NZS 3003:2011 Appendix G (pages 80-81) relates to:


It is a normative document but for all intents it is identical to 3003.1

So I assume using this report format is adequate for the routine (annual) inspections of BF areas.

Pages 82-85 refer to cardiac protected areas.

Nov 11 2013 17:02

The history of NZS 3003.1 was that NZ set in a standard to be used for periodic testing and at that time Australia did NOT want to join with NZ in respect to periodic testing.

Later when Australia saw the errors of their ways and as/nzs 3003 was under amendment, the bulk of NZS 3003.1 was put as an appendix in AS/NZS 3003 and now is in use in both AU and NZ.