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Posted By Topic: Pumps for hazardous fluids

Oct 18 2013 16:07

I have been asked to connect a 3ph pump to pump diesel. The pump is mounted in an open space within a workshop area (industrial) I contacted the pump supplier and asked if they had any documentation to verify the suitability of the motor/pump arrangement for the intended purpose. (Haz 3?) They have no sDOC and have not been able to supply an IEC number either.
They have responded in writing stating they have sold lots of these pumps with no known problems.
Where to from here ?

Oct 18 2013 17:43

If it is a flameproof motor, which it should be, there is usually an indication of this on the motor name plate. I would expect your local motor re-winder would be able to tell you by looking at it or by photo\'s of the motor and /or name plate. But by the sound of your post I would say it is not, so I would get something in writing from the supplier before connecting it to a supply, otherwise you would be liable.

Oct 18 2013 19:51

Get advice from an inspector who has hazardous area competencies. You have both shown with your comments and words used that you have little or no training or familiarization with hazardous area installations.
Your job, license and possible even a date with the judge is not worth guessing.

Oct 18 2013 20:08

Um diesel is not actually that hazardous BUT you should get some informed advice.

As far as requesting an SDOC for the pump or motor iit is a waste of time as they are not on the DMRA list.
If it was an ex rated pump it would come with certification to prove it.
I if the workshop is going to have \"hazardous\" things installed in it who is going to do the zoning of the hazardous area and produce drawings with the zones indicated.
Who is going to start / maintain the compliance dossier.

Just a few things to ponder BEFORE you get involved in this area of work.

Oct 18 2013 23:24

jared - so wrong on so many levels. At least 4 of the things you said in your post are incorrect.

Phil123 - Haz3 (red square at 45º) is the OLD indication for general flammable liquids.
Diesel is HSNO class 3.1D and there is no mandated requirement to establish a hazardous zones with control regulations.
(There may be a classification applied to a plant that has diesel on it but its not mandated in regs)
Therefore no additional requirements for equipment.
Please note there are other HSNO regulations requirements for Diesel.

Sarmajor - the owner/operator of the area is responsible for the things you mention (dossier and classification).


Oct 19 2013 09:49

Thanks for the opinions and advice, no the motor is not flame proof, I was a motor re-winder in a former life.
I was unable to find any reference to the pumping of Diesel specifically hence the question.
A hazardous register is kept on the premises, however the hazardous goods inspector was unable to confirm the suitability of the pump for the intended purpose.
Seems odd that pumps are not required to have sDOC as they are used extensively in domestic installations and are connected by means of a plug.

Oct 22 2013 11:53

Hazardous goods inspectors (now known as HSNO test certifiers) have no authority or competence to comment on the suitability or not of electrical installations and if one does you better remind them of their confilict of intrest obligations under the HSNO Act.

sDoc requirements are decided by ESS so maybe ask them what you should do?

Oct 28 2013 00:04

Haz Inspector, Am I correct in saying you are a registered electrical inspector for equipment in Hazardous areas? ..... or not?

Oct 28 2013 00:31

Coopsnz, you and angryclient should get a room. Stirrers ... flock together

Oct 28 2013 12:48

CoopzNZ - That could be said.
That is my registration class and I do a bit of hazardous area stuff.


Oct 28 2013 20:20

Mowgli was not a stir more a question :)

Oct 29 2013 12:27

Was there a specific purpose for that question? ... Or not?

Oct 29 2013 21:42

\"Hazardous goods inspectors (now known as HSNO test certifiers) have no authority or competence to comment on the suitability or not of electrical installations\" A comment above is why I asked, I wanted to clarify you actually know what you are talking about :)

Oct 30 2013 09:41

CoopzNZ - That was Angry Client\'s comment.

It\'s correct though, (but there may be someone that is the exception to the rule in regards to competancies), test certifiers have no authority under the HSNO Act or Control Regulations to comment on the compliance of electrical installations. Don\'t get me wrong, most have a pretty good understanding of the risks involved when dealing with hazardous substances (and so they should), but there are none that I know of that could argue the point on the specific requirements of hazardous area electrical installations.

In hazardous areas the extent of the test certifiers checks are that an Area Classification and Verification Dossier exists, is up to date, and a current Certificate of Periodic Verification (Reinspection Certificate) has been completed for the installation.