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Posted By Topic: Safety Training

Oct 20 2013 20:53

I have never liked this concept, I have just come back from 7 months in Aussie in the mining industry and need a break, of course im going to work here again so need to go sit in a room with someone who will tell me how to do my job grrrr, and to make maters work where the heck do you do this at this time of year in Hamilton? we need to take a leaf out of Wa registration and do a 5 year licence

Oct 20 2013 22:04

If only they had nice green grass like we do

Oct 21 2013 11:51

If you\'ve been away for 7 months, then chances are you won\'t be up to date with new rules about certification of PEW.

IE you actually may not know \"how to do your job\" because your job is not the same as it used to be.

The EWRB\'s function is to ensure those operating in our industry are - and remain - competent. they chose to use mandatory refresher courses for large part of this.

Whether whatever refresher course you attend will help with getting / keeping you up to speed is a different question. The better course providers go beyond the minimum EWRB-set content, and provide real value.


Oct 22 2013 11:55


Coming at you from Hamilton via the sunny shores of Western Straya!!

Hamilton, not even once.

Oct 23 2013 21:52

Was going to suggest these guys, but they\'re all booked out.

Does EWRB have a list of providers maybe?

Oct 25 2013 11:43

Try here.

Oct 27 2013 12:43

Alex Pew? Phew seriously mate im not some green teenager, I am aware of the changes however my background is heavy industrial, Petrochemical so the work is 1000% different to a domestic premises which the courses always seem to be based around, as for the courses i\'m looking at having to drive to Auckland to sit in a class and be told how to suck eggs, I have been testing my projects for what 35 years now fully compliant..... I dont need to be shown how to perform a earth loop, RCD, TDI, Insulation, test
I am just finding it very frustrating due to no fault of my own im having to use up my hard earned savings to live off because of a broken system