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Posted By Topic: Apprentice needs domestic experience Hawkes Bay

Oct 22 2013 20:32

I\'m about to complete level 4 off job training for Electrician, unfortunately registration couldn\'t be further away.

My work involves the design, manufacture and installation of industrial control panels and pack house equipment. The business is growing so there\'s also been plenty of general electrical work on renovations and maintaining plant.

I\'ve all but completed the on job tasks. Trouble is the few that remain are really meant to be done in a new build domestic or commercial situation.

I\'m keen to hear from anyone in the Hawkes Bay who might be able to provide this experience in return for free labour. I\'m a hard worker with transport, tools and a current trainee license.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Rob Stockley
Havelock North
021 438762

Oct 22 2013 21:56

Serious reply ok.

Your assesor must be in the area so run this past him...

Make some complete installation \"boards\" (for want of a better word). Get some large particle board some old tps, some old fittings, perhaps shell outs for a decent small switchboard and put together an installation \"simulator\". This is actually a very good way of learning how to correctly test and installation as well. I would suggest having some guidance avaiable prior to livening though.

What are the specific on jobs you need?

Oct 22 2013 21:57

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Oct 23 2013 12:56

Angryclient, thanks for your reply. My assessor is equally concerned with how I will complete these units without leaving the company. I agree that a \"simulator\" is a useful learning tool but real life is preferred. It\'s as much about having a pool of relevant experience to support having the units as it is about getting them signed off.

US2016 Install earthing systems for MEN installations.

US2021 Plan, install and commission a power supply on a construction or demolition site (outside the scope of the work this company does).

US5931 Select and install electric switchboards (commissioned plenty of boards but none of them an MEN board).

US15869 Install electrical equipment in damp situations (need six different situations)

US16408 Pre-wire an electrical installation (needs to be equivalent of \"three bedroom house or small commercial\" installation).

If it\'s got MCBs, sensors, motors, contactors, or a PLC I\'m in my element. But, right now, if I had to organise connection with a lines company I\'d have to phone-a-friend. I\'m sure I could install an earth electrode by the rules and test to 3019 but I\'d rather have seen it done at least once before having to do it solo.

So, once again, thanks for taking time to reply. My assessor is also put feelers out through his sparky mates.

Oct 23 2013 14:04

Why is real life \"preferred\"? There are a shit tonne of assessments where competancy can be determined without an actual real life example.

I know of plenty of people that completed DC motor unit standards and have never seen one running in industry. From memory some training providers (ETCO) still sign off motor starter units all completed via test boards.

FFS the last guy I know that did his inspector exam did the whole practical portion of the requirements in a lab!!

Personnaly I would ask your assesor for citation on real life preference. Failing that hit up the (ETITO)

Oct 25 2013 12:42

Give Best\'s (Steve Wyman) or Kinetic (Gavin Streeter) a ring (assuming you dont already work for them). If that doesnt work email me warrenh at scanpower dot co dot nz and I will see what else I can do to assist.