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Posted By Topic: Electrical Inspector pre-course advice please

Oct 25 2013 16:38

Hey team.

Just after any recommendations, advice, research, reading material or input from those of you who are inspectors, or those of you who have finished the course recently and can give this lowly sparkie the heads-up.

No, I am not gonna quit my trade and become a plumber.... thought I better get in there before the Friday night drinkers hit the forum!

I\'ve got two weeks before the course starts and have been given some vague pointers by the tutor. He says I will need The Act, Regs, current ECP\'s, Std\'s 3000, 3001, 3003, 3004, 3019, 60079.17 and maybe some other stuff. Any advice on \"other stuff\" would be helpful.

I\'ve printed off most of the current standards, and am (not) looking forward to spending an intimate weekend with my highlighter! LOL!

Thanks in advance and have a fab long weekend :)

Oct 25 2013 16:57

Are you doing this course at Weltec?

Oct 25 2013 17:00

No, MIT. Starts in November. I assume there will be a whole swag of PV stuff to cover now since the last course was run, since July 1st.

Oct 25 2013 20:08

The best advice I can give is listen to the instructor. If he say thing like \" I don\'t care what you know this is the answer the examiner wants\" file that away for the future.
My instructor said that a lot.

50% of that class got 90% or better but several people still failed the test because they knew better.

Oct 25 2013 20:38


Thank you, that is really good advice. I like to think that I am still pliable in my thinking, and that I can learn a lot from this course. Hey, if I knew it all, I wouldn\'t take the course, just go straight to the exam I guess! I am looking forward to learning piles of stuff that I don\'t know, and at this stage the vocational outcomes are neither here nor there.

Oct 28 2013 12:58

Work as fast as you can during the exam.

There was a guy when I did it who left 3 whole questions unanswered.