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Posted By Topic: Hockey lights

Oct 26 2013 09:45

Hey gents, my mate\'s openning a shop and wanted me to install two hockey lights for the shop sign board.

Any one knows where to get them? Better come with the whole \'stick\' thing for the lights fit on. Cheer Paul

Oct 26 2013 21:58

In the past I\'ve used a hockey stick used for tv aerials and mounted a light fitting onto the end of that.

Oct 27 2013 07:47

Thanks for the tip daniel2.

I always thought you can get the whole stick and the fitting as a whole package as it saves time to hunt for the right stick at the right angle.

If not I will have to be a bit more creative :)


Oct 28 2013 12:55

Allen Bradley do them.

Oct 30 2013 09:06

Hi HazInspector, thanks for the link but not really what I had in mind. My bad for not being clear enough.

I have included a picture of the fitting which I shot on the walk after dinner. The stick seems to have thread ready for the lamp holder to screw in.

Anyone knows where to get them? Really appreciated for your help. Paul

Oct 30 2013 11:56

I think that photo is an EYE fitting and lamp on a length of conduit.

Oct 30 2013 23:12

20mm galv metal conduit, a bending block and a set of stocks an dies.. make your own in 10 mins. just dont see metal conduit in suppliers anymore

Oct 31 2013 06:56

Metal conduit and fittings are still available.

Oct 31 2013 18:09

Don,t the eye lamps have a simple push on and retaining screw system? Just went out to check the pile of spares in the workshop and some bastard has had a clean up so I cant confirm...

Nov 01 2013 23:28

Multstrut have metal conduit fitting in their range and i\'d suspect Unistrut might also.