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Posted By Topic: old fuse board at work

Oct 31 2013 10:00

hi this is my first time so go gentle i work in an old hotel and we have crabtree dist boards with c 50 breakers which we are stuggling to find i need to fit a new cooker that pulls 50 amps i can only find a 60 amp breaker on ebay to fit the board will this be ok if i also fit an 63 amp rcd ps this is a three phase board thanks for your help

Oct 31 2013 10:25

he 63 A will be fine as lon as the cable - as installed - has a CCC at least equal to the protection rating.

Almost certainly no need for RCD; does not require RCD for most sockets in non-residential. Even in residential, a socket for a range can be labelled instead of having RCD. And at 50 A, this will probably be hard-wired anyway.

Using odd types of mcb, always check trip curve to ensure compliance with EFLI and ECC requirements. If that \"c50\" translates as C-curve, you should be fine

Oct 31 2013 10:30

thanks for your help alec the oven were fitting will have a 63 amp torpedo connection on it so the manafactures have insisted on the 63 amp four pole rcd

Oct 31 2013 16:28

in that case best follow the manufacturer\'s instructions.

Nov 01 2013 06:59

tmdhoh, judging by the wording of your post i\'m guessing that you are from the UK. If the installation is in the UK you will have to comply with the IEE 17th edition wiring regulations. is a regulation from AS/NZS 3000 wiring rules. From memory it is pretty much the same rules for this application in UK and NZ but it would pay to check regarding the RCD as these requirements do differ slightly.There is a place in Great Bridge, West midlands that stocks old style c50 breakers but can\'t remember their name, you should be able to find it on internet.