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Posted By Topic: generator supplying outdoor hut

Nov 02 2013 14:12

a generator is connected through a caravan plug into a small sleeping hut with lights and power points. Does it need a special EWof or is a ESC suitable ?


Nov 02 2013 14:31

is this a trick question.
what are you trying to certify


Nov 02 2013 15:33

Apparently it is been wired by an electrician that didn\'t have a practicing licence, so they wanted me to come certify it. Its out on a island in the gulf.

Nov 02 2013 17:24

Might have been better if you didn\'t know that.....

Aren\'t there any easier jobs out there for you? Or is this a special client?

Nov 02 2013 22:03

An amendment to the Electricity Act about 3 or 4 years ago for electrical installations operating at LV which are NOT connected to an electricity distributors network now come under the coverage of the ESR 2010 and in turn AS/NZS 3000.

The portable generator set could be considered a semi-portable appliance but the electrical installation is covered by ESR 2010 and AS/NZS 3000 requirements. So standard documentation applies.

Nov 03 2013 10:09

The fixed wiring counts as an installation, so needs to be certified same as any other.

Which means there has to be an earth electrode etc (a main earthing system), so there has to be an inspection for that.

Not that that earthing system will serve much purpose, but as things stand every installation has to have one.

Because you can\'t control what size or type of genset gets plugged in, there must be overcurrent protection in the cable from the inlet, rated no more than the inlet fittings, and operating in all live conductors (ie switching the \"neutral).

For a property without a \"point of supply\", \"installation\" means \"all fittings that form part of a system that is used to convey electricity to a point of consumption, or used to generate or store electricity\"; but does not include any appliance.

A genset can\'t be an appliance, because an appliance is something that \"uses\" electricity, not something that makes it (definition in Act).

Which would appear to make even a portable plugged-in genset part of the installation for a standalone.