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Posted By Topic: UPS fixed wiring to second computer.

Nov 03 2013 19:29

Is it permitted to run the 240vac output from a UPS, as fixed wiring under the floor, to a second computer?

What are the requirements for cable, plugs, sockets etc?

Can it be done by a home owner?


Nov 03 2013 19:35

Short answer is no.

But you can run an extension lead, as long as it can be removed without having to disconnect the plug or socket from it.

In other words, the hole has to be big enough for the plug & socket to fit through.


Nov 03 2013 19:43

Thanks Doug. That\'s what I was afraid of.

Looks like it will be the extension cord with a big hole in the floor at each end. I assume that the cord must be suspended in cup hooks, or something similar, so that it can be removed without undoing any clips or ties etc.


Nov 03 2013 19:48

Probably doesn\'t matter how it is suspended. Same as you would run any extension lead.

If you\'re just going through a wall, you can get split wall plates like this.

Nov 03 2013 20:07

So having to unscrew plates etc is OK, as long as you don\'t have to remove the plugs from the lead.

Looks like next weekend will be out with the holesaws and crawling around under the house, again.


Nov 03 2013 20:11

I\'m sure you can work out what you need to do in your situation. As long as it isn\'t any sort of permanent wiring.