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Posted By Topic: Marley heavy duty conduit

Nov 05 2013 17:49

According to latest Powerbase flyer Marley is launching a range of orange HD conduit, will be available next year.
$$$$$$?? may keep buying it from Dean.

Nov 05 2013 19:26

Surley they couldn\'t charge that much. When I was in Perth back in July orange HD 25mm was about $5 a 4M length (feel like we are ripped off here)
Perhaps $6 - $7 a length here

Nov 05 2013 20:18

No one can beat Dean.

Nov 06 2013 07:27

I think you compare the HD conduit currently on offer in NZ you will find you are NOT comparing like with like.

Marley for example have UV proof HD conduit suitable for Photo Voltaic work, others are supplying orange HD conduit which is NOT UV proof and needs to be painted to be made also fully UV proof.

Nov 06 2013 08:34

Marley HD conduit is not orange, and orange conduit is not HD.

The HD conduit has a thicker wall, and Marley\'s has additional UV protection needed for PV installations i.a.w latest edition of AS/NZS 5033.
The Marley version is marked as HD and for solar use at intervals along the length. And it\'s grey.

Redpaths list it and no doubt other chains have it also. \"Trade\" list price $26 vs $21 for the 20 mm but there will be discounts available no doubt.

Dearer than normal conduit, probably because it has more plastic in it, and perhaps partly because it won\'t be selling in the same quantities.

Nov 06 2013 09:56

The orange HD Marley conduit mentioned is for category A compliance for underground wiring without additional protection, nothing to do with their solar stuff.

Nov 06 2013 10:46

The only conduit in Powerbase \'Marketplace\" for Sept / Oct is the Solar HD grey, though I haven\'t seen the Nov / Dec issue yet, but Marley weren\'t touting an orange HD at the recent \"futureproof\" shows.

The standard orange is not heavy duty.
It\'s not sold as Heavy Duty, but as \"high impact\" which is NOT the same thing. And after a while in sunlight, it\'s actually less impact-resistant than grey.

My understanding is that while much normal conduit - orange and grey - has adequate impact resistance, it does not meet the wall thickness specification for HD. Not just Marley, but all brands.

The idea that all orange conduit is HD is a widespread myth that has resulted in many non-compliant installations.

For underground wiring, typically the only difference Cat A makes is avoiding need for additional protection. The question then becomes, is the protection cheaper than the extra cost of HD conduit? Especially when you can often use a N/S buried direct and still get \"A\".

Nov 06 2013 12:01

Yes it\'s in the Nov/Dec issue.