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Posted By Topic: Converting old metal meterboard to MSB

Nov 08 2013 19:32


On a house I\'m working on there is the old metal semi-recessed type meterboard. Is there any reason why I can\'t install some earth and neutral bars & MEN and make this a combined meterboard / MSB? I want to take a submains from here to a new distribution board and there\'s not any access to the current MSB. Thanks

Nov 10 2013 11:02

Space might be your limiting factor. Is there enough room for the RCD\'s that you\'ll need, along with MCB\'s and Meters, and remember, there can be only one MSB/MEN Link per installation, and you mention the existence of another MSB.

Nov 10 2013 20:38

Thanks for the reply. I\'m planning to remove the MEN link in the old MSB and make that a DB. The only circuit protection I would have in the new MSB / meterboard would be 2 x 63A MCB\'s supplying each distribution board so space should be fine. The reason I\'m hoping to do it this way is feeding the new DB from the existing MSB would be impossible without a massive amount of damage. It would be a lot easier from the meterboard. Pretty sure what I propose is OK just checking there\'s not some reg or retailer condition I\'m unaware of. Thanks

Nov 10 2013 21:11

To make the old revenue meter cabinet position into a main switchboard will require a main switch withe the N and E bus bars + MEN link.

Also remember that a new main earth conductor is needed at the main switchboard position, may be the current main electrode may also require replacing.

Nov 15 2013 14:37

could use a small surface mount enclosure with E + N bars all enclosed?