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Posted By Topic: Changing Downlights Transformer

Nov 08 2013 20:34

Ok, Please forgive me, I am new here so don\\\\\\\'t know if I am in the right place.

So, I have downlights and seen a video on how to wire them up, (transformers have blown),
It was simple, Pull the 2 wires out of the transformer and put them into the new transformer.
Easy, yes? So i climb on up into the roof to wire the new transformer up and see this.

There are wires everywhere, which 2 am i meant to use?

Thanks for any help.

Nov 08 2013 20:36

Call an Electrician.

Nov 08 2013 20:39

Nov 08 2013 20:51

Okay, after seeing your photo more clearly, call the electrician that installed the transformer you currently have, and tell them to 1)fix their failure in maintaining earth continuity, and 2)re-strip their cables to the proper length, so that the exposed copper is enclosed within the confines of the terminal screw.

That is extremely sloppy work. Every single electrician that I know, would find this particular example unacceptable.


Nov 08 2013 21:12

Another thing, your \"new transformer\", doesn\'t actually look like a transformer, just a terminal block in an enclosure.

Nov 08 2013 22:25

Also probably shouldn\'t have downlights installed in that loose insulation.

Nov 09 2013 00:00

J-Box plus a tail out for the transformer?

Nov 11 2013 16:57

best thing to do is hire an Electrician

Nov 11 2013 18:13

call an eletrician.. you cant legally liven up the circuit anyway...

Nov 11 2013 20:59

Just suppose ESR 2010 Clause 64 home owner exemptions covers

\"removing and replacing any of the following kinds of fittings, but only if the work does not involve work on any switchboard:
(i) switches, socket-outlets, and light fittings:\"

Unless the transformer is not considered part of the light fitting isn\'t this is a case for an electrician because the OP doesn\'t know what to do, not because it\'s illegal?


Nov 12 2013 20:14

There is key point no-one to date has picked up on and that is the sheath of the TPS cable should be contained inside the transformer terminal area and fixed by the strain relief / cable clamp arrangement of the terminal cover and base.

The transformer shown is NOT large enough to contain the 3 TPS cables, 2 TPS cables I would consider marginal. For 3 or more cables a J Box with a single tail to the transformer would be a better arrangement.

The requirements of the Wiring Rules clause 5.4.3 are also NOT being complied with as the earth continuity at the ELV transformer position is not being assured and could result in a class I luminaire elsewhere on the final sub circuit being unearthed.

However, instrument testing should have found this fault, but we all know this type of testing is not done properly, if at all, by many.

Nov 13 2013 14:21

Pluto : The Apprentice needs some acknowledgement , he had the earth continuity and insulation issue nailed at the begining .