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Posted By Topic: Most Cables completely surrounded?

Nov 16 2013 15:23

Are most cables in a domestic installation completely surrounded? I can not think of any that would not be unless specially run to avoid walls.

My argument is if the cable goes more than 150mm through insulation it classes the cable to be full enclosed as in AS3008
Due to the fact that all walls in a house are classed to have insulation in them or to be treated as such and you have to install cables a certain way to comply with other regulations. I do not see how you can treat the any other way?

Or am I just missing something?

Nov 16 2013 16:02

The cables in the walls are usually partially surrounded.
The insulation installers either push the batts over the cable, leaving one side of the cable against the building paper, or they tuck the batts behind the cable, leaving one side of the cable against the gib.

Nov 18 2013 16:59

Yeah possibly if they walls are pre-insulated, even then it is debateable. But if they are not currently insulated then they may blow it in, so it is more likely they would be fully insulated and as such you would have to assume the worst case?

Nov 21 2013 10:49

we have to assume BTI will be added if not already there.
But we don\'t have to make any call about what type or how it might be installed.
So we can assume partially surrounded.