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Posted By Topic: Caravan EWOF

Nov 20 2013 08:08

Have done an inspection on a caravan and failed it for the following reason. Another inspector has since looked at the same caravan and passed it as is. Who is right?

An electrician has installed an RCBO, 20A rated as the main switch/current limiting device/RCD.

The supply lead fittings are rated at 15A. I failed the inspection due to AS/NZS 3001, Clause which I believe is very clear (the protection can only be 16A maximum).

Thoughts on this?

Nov 20 2013 09:19

MarNissan Nov 20 2013 08:08

You are correct, also the max rating includes the supply lead fittings as well as the supply lead cable maximum current rating.

Nov 20 2013 11:09

Not wanting to rehash an old point but there are more ways then the main switch to limit the max demand to 16 amps. What was the total rating of the subcircuit protection. If 10amp and 6 amp this would limit the caravan to 16 amps anf fill the requirements.

Nov 20 2013 14:54

Thanks for your responses. The subcircuit protection well and truly exceeds 15A.

I have spoken to the inspector who passed the caravan as is. He believes that he can inspect it to AS/NZS 3000 and it will be all fine.

I am really frustrated with the older inspectors who are basically working off their own made-up inspection rules. The standards are there and in this case the clause and definition are extremely clear and yet he won\'t accept that he is wrong.

Things like this undermine the whole industry when we have different inspectors applying rules differently.

Tried ringing Energy Safety, but you can\'t speak to anyone there and they have a two week delay in responding (which I guess is why we have this website!).

Nov 20 2013 14:56

Email EWRB as this is a registration issue.

Nov 20 2013 15:33

Don\'t worry MarNissan, you\'ll get used to it, but if you ever do manage to achieve nirvana by finding two inspectors who agree, fer christsake let us know.