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Posted By Topic: Nov Electrician Theory results

Dec 13 2013 19:32

Anyone else here missing their results online? Perhaps a bad sign?

Dec 13 2013 21:01

I am missing mine as well. On that note, I was a bit annoyed when I recieved an email on Monday with the subject \"Electrical worker examination results\" , only to find it didnt have my results. Im sure they could choose a less heart stopping title.


Dec 13 2013 21:54

They must have issue with the website or just making us sweat it out !! I\'m waiting on my EASQ

Dec 13 2013 22:23

I guess it is the same with everything electrical related. You need to pay careful attention to the exact wording.

\"We will also be publishing your results... on Friday 13 December 2013 after 6.30pm as there is maintenance being carried out on the system up to this time.\"

\"On friday\", which is today, BUT \"After 6.30pm\". That could mean any time between 6.30 and midnight. Tricky bastards

Dec 13 2013 23:15

The EWRB site is suddenly full of dead links relating to training so perhaps the \"maintenance\" didn\'t go as planned.

Dec 14 2013 09:04

Mine turned up this morning. Maybe someone at the EWRB had a late night.

Dec 14 2013 09:28

The EWRB website has been completely replaced by a new website.

Dec 17 2013 13:48

Could be a little more fanfare -

Dec 19 2013 20:00

I wonder if the pass rate is a reasonable for this exam, I have heard reports that many had problems in completely finishing the paper before the 3 hour time limit.


Dec 19 2013 20:38

I\'m keen to see the chief examiner\'s report and model answers. Apparently a varistor won\'t protect against transient over voltage and altering the impedance of a winding won\'t change the phase split in a split phase motor.

In my job we use varistors for precisely this purpose. In the impedance triangle you have inductive and capacitive reactance in the vertical and resistance in the horizontal. Change any one and you alter the phase angle.... or so I thought.