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Posted By Topic: Motor selection for a trolly

Jan 26 2014 20:22

First of all I am not an electronic or electrical engineer nor I have any basic knowledge of it. I have a requirement as below.

1) A trolly that could carry 200 kg.
2) Max speed should be between 25-30kmph.
3) It should be as small as possible.
4) It should run continuous for at least an hour.
5) Also advice on suitable battery for such motor.

I want someone to give me precise information on that. Please help me out.

Thanks & Regards

Jan 26 2014 20:48

Speights Powered Perhaps ???

Jan 27 2014 09:35

You have a bigger problem than \"I am not an electronic or electrical engineer\". You haven\'t provided nearly enough information to answer the question.

The first problem is not electrical or electronic, but mechanics and physics. How much power do you need?

A quick google told me that

HP = force (lb) x speed (mph) / 375

So the fist thing you need to do is work out how much force you need, which is all about friction and drag. You also need to make a drivetrain efficiency estimate, as power will be lost (as heat) between the motor and the wheels.

But even without doing the math, a thing carrying 200KG moving for an hour is going to need significant battery reserves, which will increase the weight being carried.


Jan 29 2014 23:14

Would it be out of line to suggest a supermarket trolly from the top of a big hill?