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Posted By Topic: Are trainees allowed to sign ESC\'s?

Jan 30 2014 18:30

Are trainees allowed to sign ESC\'s?

Jan 30 2014 19:02

short answer = YES !
personaly i would feel they would need the related units to be signed off as competent.
They need to be able to put their name to the ESC due to the way the regulations are written.


Jan 30 2014 19:15

I asked the EWRB and here is their reply

\"Good Afternoon
Thank you for your email.

Trainees are unable to sign off ESC’s, it has to be signed off by a registered worker as they are certifying the work carried out.

Kind Regards,\"


Jan 30 2014 20:04

then they need to read the rules they enforce

Jan 30 2014 20:07

all trainees have a license, and the combined COC ESC form the EWRB put out had a section for the trainee and any other electrical workers involved to be named.
which i might add is not a requirement to be on the form in the first place.

Jan 31 2014 08:48

The newly amended ESR 74A requires the ESC to be signed and dated not only by the person who did the connection (in this case a trainee), but also, where the person who did the connection was working under supervision, by the supervisor.

Same for name and registration number, both trainee (person under supervision) and the supervisor must be recorded.

Not very practicable, but quite clear.
The EWRB source obviously hasn\'t caught up with the Amendment.

Jan 31 2014 10:04

I agree with dlink that the EWRB haven\'t read the rules properly in the first place. Ever since ESCs were required (i.e. since last July), the person making the connection must sign the ESC. So if the trainee is connects then they must sign. The latest amendments simply require the supervisor to add their details and sign it too - they could never simply sign it instead of the person who actually made the connection.