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Posted By Topic: Wire Nuts - legal?

Feb 03 2014 09:24

Are \\\\\\\'wire nuts\\\\\\\' (see attached photo) legal for use in NZ with mains wiring? They use them all the time in the USA. I\\\\\\\'ve seen them on sale at Global PC in Christchurch and I\\\\\\\'ve come across lighting that has used them for internal connections.

Feb 03 2014 09:37

clause 3.7.2

Feb 03 2014 11:45

Assuming you\'re talking about AS/NZS 3000 the answer appears to be \"Yes\" - as long as you can satisfy yourself and others they are safe for the job.

Feb 03 2014 12:37

The other requirement is that they are made to a Standard reference 3000 clause (a).

Many wire nuts will fail this test.

Feb 03 2014 16:14

Always remembering that what may be OK within an appliance - such as a luminaire - may not be OK for installation wiring

Feb 04 2014 15:12

Please - just don\'t.

Wire nuts are the spawn of the devil.

The Americans use them, but you need the right wire nuts for the right guage of wire, and there is definite skill involved in using them. They are not as easy as they look!